Complete Property Management

More Investing. Less Worry.

Why Hire CPM?

Smart investors are doing what you are doing now. You are comparing different property management companies. You are likely noticing that most every company has similar fees, similar services & promises. 

Why hire CPM? Because we are different and we are the experts. We have evolved with time and use our greatest assets to our advantage; and that is the people we have hired and the advanced technology we use. Our managers have decades of experience not only managing private rentals, but owning their own rentals and flipping properties themselves. We have partnered with major banks and government entities on how to possess, maintain and rent their own properties. We are taking that same knowledge and experience and streamlining that process for you. We offer very competitive rates with stellar service. Our management systems are 1st Class and save us time and money and we pass those savings onto you.

Go with the Pros at CPM!