Maintenance Responsibilities

Resident Responsibilities:

Damages caused by abuse/misuse or neglect will be charged back to the resident on lease.  We will rely on the contractor and periodic inspections to tell us what has caused the problem. While we understand the property will have normal wear and tear, there are some items that can be identified & dealt with.

Here is an example.

  • A clogged toilet due to toys, underwear, diapers or any personal items will be your responsibility. If the tenant is unable to unclog the toilet and a technician is needed we will provide the technician and the resident will be charged for this service call.

At Complete Property Management we have defined 3 different types of repair categories. Please review each category and submit a maintenance request via your online portal. Requests are handled in the order they are received and on the urgency of the repair needed.

Submit a Maintenance Request

Please use the button below to log into your account and request a service

EMERGENCY: 3-12 hours

Emergencies are defined as: Anything relating to the property that is threatening life, body or the property:

  • Gas odors – call the gas company ASAP 800-767-1689
  • Fire, intruder or anybody threatening life please  Dial 911.

Examples of what is an emergency:

  • Major water leakage (broken pipe) please turn off the water main. You should have a picture inside your cabinet to inform you where that is located.
  • Major ACTIVE roof leak


  • Appliances are not working, power is off, the HVAC is not blowing hot air or cold, etc…While we understand that these issues are inconvenient, annoying and uncomfortable they are not emergencies.


  • Hot water heater not working, electrical problems, and HVAC not functioning.


  • Leaky faucet, gutter repair, missing cabinet doors, etc…

*Please note that during seasonal months responses for heat and air may be subject to delays due to the specificity of the needed repair

**Please use the Rentler to report all problems as this notifies the Property Manager as well as our Licensed Handyman. Your repair will be more efficiently worked and be repaired sooner.